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Viridis Merchants

Viridis Energy’s newest venture and wholly owned subsidiary Viridis Merchants Inc. (VMI), serves as both an aggregation and trading service of wood pellets and other alternative energy sources. VMI buys from third party manufacturers, in which pellets are then traded domestically and globally. The company offers extensive services to small producers such as logistics management through its fleet of leased rail cars. 

VMI provides a unique redundancy to Viridis Energy’s manufacturing capabilities, thus mitigating risk of shortfalls in either location.  It also allows the Company to increase its offering to existing customers with additional volume.  VMI’s total contracted volume brings the Company’s saleable volume to over 300,000 MT per year. 

VMI now offers three leading brands of premium softwood pellets to the US northeast market for residential heating.  The Okanagan™ Platinum brand, the Okanagan™ Gold brand and more recently, the Okanagan™ Douglas Fir brand.  VMI continues to seek additional quality suppliers to add to the brand line up or bulk pellets exported.  

For more information on Viridis Merchants Inc., please contact:

Doug Middleton, Managing Director, Viridis Merchants:
[email protected]

Renata Bellentani, Sales & Logisitics Account Manager, Viridis Energy:
[email protected]

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