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Viridis Energy is committed in supplying the best quality of wood pellets for residential customers that have chosen to contribute to a cleaner environment by using sustainable and renewable fuel sources to heat their homes.

Okanagan Platinum


Okanagan Douglas Fir



Okanagan Gold


Quality and Consistency are the two pillars of our product line and the most important aspects to consider while choosing a brand of wood pellets.

Quality is relative to the cleanliness of the wood fiber being used and the quality of the manufacturing process regardless of the species. However, some wood pellets perform better than others and to address this issue, the Pellet Fuels Institute has established some standards to guide the market. 

What to look for in Residential Wood Pellets?

  1. Energy value (BTUs/lb): A high BTU means the wood pellet burns hotter and therefore consumers use less product to heat their homes.
  2. Ash Content: Low ash content means less maintenance and less cleaning of your stove.
  3. Moisture content: Low moisture means that more energy is used to heat your home instead of evaporating water.


Our wood residential pellets are available in 40 pound bags or in 15kg bags (export market) and are stacked in various configurations ranging from 50 bags up to 85 bags per pellet. 

Being able to stack various configurations gives us the flexibility to maximize shipping weights to the many markets we serve and thus reduces delivery costs for our customers. A well packaged product is a very important step in our manufacturing process. We ensure that all configurations of pellets are tightly shrink wrapped prior to the placement of a thick plastic all weather cover, and then we shrink wrap again.


Our Family of Brands:

Okanagan Pellet Company - Platinum

Okanagan Platinum is the pioneer of our wood pellet brands. Manufactured at our plant in West Kelowna, Okanagan Pellet Company, these pellets are made from 100% softwood sawdust, with no additives, bark, or other contaminants. The high quality of raw material at OPC combined with an automated system and efficient quality control at the mill ensures that all wood pellets made at our facility meet the highest standard of quality available in the market.

Okanagan Platinum is available at Canadian Tire & Home Depot Stores in Canada


Okanagan Pellet Company - Douglas Fir


Okanagan Douglas Fir is certainly the best wood pellet on the market. Burning hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet, Okanagan Douglas Fir has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. Made from 100% Douglas Fir Softwood, Okanagan Douglas Fir does not use recycled wood, additives, plastic or waxes. Additionally, the very low ash content of this product results in less cleaning and maintenance of your stove, boiler, or furnace. 



Okanagan Pellet Company - Gold

Okanagan Gold is a softwood pellet made exclusively from Yellow Pine Fiber. This pellet burns hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet in its category. Okanagan Gold contains very low levels of chloride (salt), in turn equaling less corrosion and longer lasting stoves and chimney pipes. Our sawdust suppliers are certified by several sustainable organizations within the sector, ensuring that the fiber comes from well managaged, sustainable forests. Intensive reforestation practices restock each site with environmentally suited species of trees in order to assure sound forest stands for our future generations. 


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