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Our Stallion brand of shavings is the highest quality product available for animal bedding and it is attested by the highest quality level of satisfaction of our customers. 


What are wood shavings?
Wood shavings are a by-product obtained from sawmills when the wood is shaped or planed for construction work and furniture. There are no fixed sizes or shapes for shavings. Generally, they are flat, thin curls that peel off the surface of wood when it is run through a planing machine or planer. They are soft, and have cushioning and absorbent effect.

About Viridis Energy wood shavings:
Viridis shavings for animal bedding only come from primary saw mills and do not contain any contaminants such a glue. Shavings are kiln dried to just the right moisture content, ensuring the shavings last longer and remain absorbent. 

Once raw material is received at our OPC plant, we process all shavings for animal bedding over a double screen to remove any unwanted materials. The end result is consistency in size and quality. In addition, the shavings are vacuumed prior to bagging to remove virtually all the dust. Our highly trained employees do regular quality control checks in all packaged material to make sure our high quality standards are met every time. 

Packaging and Distribution:
Stallion shavings for animal bedding are compressed in strong plastic bales for easy handling, storage and delivery. We are the only supplier in the market who supplies a variety of sizes including 12 cubic feet of shavings in a 3 cubic foot bale. All other competitors are 10 cubic feet or less. Purchasing our bales gets you 20% more shavings for the same delivery charge and saves on storage space as well.

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