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Viridis Energy Inc. is an alternative energy company, in the "Cleantech" sector of the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture.  With current emphasis on the biomass sector, Viridis has established a significant presence in this burgeoning industry. The Company's focus centers around providing biomass fuel to the North American residential and industrial markets.  Viridis has established a business model which is unique in the industry and incorporates:

  1. A seasoned management team with roots in the lumber industry
  2. Expertise in both manufacturing and distribution of wood pellets
  3. A plan for addressing the shortage of raw materials
  4. Ownership of a wood pellet manufacturer and contracted supply with additional plants
  5. An existing customer base, the largest market of consumers in North America
  6. Expertise in marketing through existing lines of business and management team


Wood pellet fuel is a cost effective, clean alternative energy source. To compare the cost of other fuels, you may use the calculator below: