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Wood Pellets: A Renewable and Sustainable Source of Energy

Wood pellets are a renewable and sustainable source of energy fuel manufactured entirely from wood residues. They are a carbon neutral source of energy, and the most cost effective and environmentally friendly type of biomass available in industrial scale. 

In recent years, wood pellets have largely been used as a substitute to coal and other pollutant fossil fuels used around the world. On average, wood pellets cost between 25-30% less than heating oil and is a much cleaner method. 

"Canada's forests represent a tremendously abundant source of biomass. Biomass is the basis for making renewable bioenergy, biofuels and other bio-products that are increasingly replacing fossil-fuel based products".

Canada is one of the largest producers of high quality wood pellets amd Viridis is an important player in the industry.

Our Product Categories:
Viridis Energy is active in the Industrial and Residential markets aside from manufacturing Shavings for animal bedding.

  1. Industrial Pellets: Used in large volumes by Power plants and Utilities in many countries to generate clean energy in commerical scale.

  2. Residential Pellets: Used by households across North America and Europe to heat their homes by using wood pellet stoves, furances or boilers. They are typically sold in bags and distributed in Home & Hearth and Box Stores. One ton of wood pellets has the energy equivalency of 2.8 barrels of heating oil according to the Energy Information Administration.

  3. Shavings: Our brand of shavings is the highest quality product available for animal bedding and it is attested by the highest level of satisfaction of our customers.