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Our Industrial Pellets are manufactured in Nova Scotia where the mill has the capacity to produce approximately 120,000 tons per year. 

Our pellets are made from sustainably managed forests and all the raw material received at the mill goes through a comprehensive screening process to ensure the quality of the fiber is in compliance with our high standard quality.

The great fiber basket in the region allows for a high quality industrial wood pellet grade that offers above average BTU's (energy or heating value) while still generating clean and renewable energy.

This clean and sustainable biomass is shipped in bulk vessels of different sizes to service some of the largest Power Plants in Europe.

Strategically located - about 80kms away from the Port of Halifax, a deep water port located in the Atlantic - Scotia Atlantic Biomass is the natural supplier to the European market. 

Viridis Energy is increasing its presence to the industrial market working closely with major Power Plants to substitute the use of fossil fuels for wood pellets. Wood Biomass can largely be used to substitute the use of coal - a higher pollutant to the atmosphere - providing high energy value while protecting the environment. 

European nations have adopted aggressive and mandatory new regulation targets for 2020. Several countries have already implemented additional regulations that are designed to displace coal based Power Plants. Existing coal-fired infrastructure can be fully converted to the use of wood pellets and that is a great benefit. 

Our company is engaging more and more in projects to expand biomass use in larger scale servicing public institutions such as schools, small districts, smart neighborhood, using biomass as the main source of heating. These projects are under development and we expect to be able to make a positive impact in our communities.

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