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Viridis Energy’s is a company in the biomass sector specializing in wood pellets. Our total capacity is approximately 300,000 ton per year with manufacturing faciliaties both on the East and West Coast of Canada.



Acquired in April of 2010, Okanagan Pellet Company located in West Kelowna, B.C. is one of two production plants. The company manufacturers more than 60,000 tons of premium softwood pellets annually, originated from spruce, pine and fir. 



Viridis Energy’s second facility was acquired in February of 2012, and resides on 157-acre property in the heart of Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. As one of the largest plants in Eastern Canada, holding an annual capacity of 120,000 tons, Scotia Atlantic is ideally located to service the growing demand for industrial pellets in Europe. 



Viridis Energy's newest venture and wholly owned subsidiary Viridis Merchants Inc. (VMI), serves as both an aggregation and trading service of wood pellets and other alternative energy sources.




For more information about Viridis many brands of premium or industrial pellets, please contact: [email protected]