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Viridis Energy has diversified its wood pellet business over the past four years in domestic and international distribution, in a wide variety of sectors including animal bedding, pulp mill power, greenhouse heating, home heating and industrial power generation.  The Company owns two manufacturing facilities, the Okanagan Pellet Company, based in Kelowna, BC., formerly Westwood Fiber acquired in 2010 and Scotia Atlantic Biomass Company, based in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, formerly Enligna Canada acquired in 2012.

Viridis annual production and trading capacity is just under 300,000 tons making the company one of the largest pellet producers in Canada. It is the only pellet producer in North America with manufacturing and distribution capabilities on both the east and west coast, thus able to supply the growing European and Asian markets. Viridis has developed three leading brands of Okanagan Pellets, which are among the leading brands of softwood pellets in North America.